Pre-finished Aluminium Door Jambs


Hush Shutter profiles are produced by leading New Zealand extruders and are normally 6063-T5 alloy.


A range of grades and specialist finishes are available - textures, ripples, metallics, improved chemical resistance and anti-graffiti. Standard finish is a polyester electrostatically apllied powder coat - min 40 microns on significant surfaces.


The system is offered in any powder on the current NZ suppliers charts. Special formulations are available for architectural matching to wet paint systems, or corporate colours. Two colour jams can also be provided.



Hush Shelter jambs suit taper hinges, rivet fixed to the jamb. Heavier doors, and doors with closers should incorporate heavy duty hinges fixed back to the stud.


Injection moulded latch pockets are available. Alternatively other metal strike components can be readily used.


Complete variation in door size available without loss of rigidity or strength. The range of alternative back sections suit overall wall thickness of 84-195mm. All jambs are fitted with black or grey woolpile strips.